Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Big Move

Well, I've did it. Moved to Typepad. Blogspot was just fine but I like the look and feel of Typepad better. So come on over and visit my new home at Don't mind the lack of content as the renovation is not complete yet. More to come soon. I promise.

Monday, March 26, 2007

New Etsy Shop Items

Just added new items in my etsy shop - fabric art pins or brooches, polymer clay pendants and trinket boxes.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I did not fall off the face of the earth . . .

Just working and lurking! But seriously, I've been working more hours at the hospital and when I come home, too pooped sometimes to get started on a craft project. Or I've run out of steam and take to lurking for creative inspiration. I do have three orders for clay and glass bead pendants but for some reason can't get motivated to complete them. I also have made some small decoupaged boxes and round clay pendants but have gotten discouraged with my digital camera. It won't zoom, takes lousy pictures up close as I want to upload pics to my etsy shop. It's time for an upgrade on my camera.

On a bright note, I stopped in to the Second Annual SpringFling Arts and Crafts Show at the historic Denver Turnverein this past Saturday. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures as I didn't have my camera with me but was fascinated at the different vendors showcasing their goodies. Here are a few of note and some I bought from: - Denver indie craft d.i.y. boutique - bought CRAFT: zine, 20 pc package of vintage ephemera. - Artisan Creations for Bath and Body - bought MoonDance Trio - Lip Polish, Lavendar Hand Cream, Horsetail Nail Cream, Shea butter and peppermint foot cream.

caroline joy - - joyful things for you and your home - bought vintage inspired apron with vintage French trim ca 1940's. I had a very nice conversation with Caroline Darkey, the owner. She also makes fabric hair bands and sashes to go with the aprons and was very nicely dressed from head to toe with her creations - a living mannequin! - bought papier mache plant markers. The husband and wife team make the most winsome and creative designs of springy things out of papier mache - bunnies, garden themed items, cards, etc. which reminded me of a bygone era. I inquired about the unique selling booth, and the husband said he made it and that his wife, Johanna, has the creative side, he has the more practical side, thus the booth. - Dia Kline, owner. The name says it all - jewelry made from dominoes, dice, etc. Very unique. - Mudworks Pottery - Whimsical hand painted functional pottery. - soothstone accessories by Phyllis Quinn.

The Bag Lady - unique bags made from upholstery fabric and cute crocheted baby and kid hats. - Denver's only boutique where beading passion meets stylish jewelry fashion.

I had a lot of fun browsing through all the booths. There were 25 in all, on two floors. Jamie of Fancy Tiger stood out because I recognized some of her stuff from favorite craft blogs I like - wee wonderfuls badges, Craft: magazine and other stuff I can't recall right now. She told me that Tuesday nights are craft nights from 6-9 p.m. at the Fancy Tiger boutique, where everyone is welcome to bring a craft project in progress; goodies and live music are also provided. Interesting to stop by one Tuesday and check it out.

As I left the show, it was raining hard. I couldn't believe it, rain in March in Denver. Anyway, the show left me with creative inspiration and more of a desire to want to participate in a show. Now all I have to do is come up with a plan and go from there.

Monday, December 11, 2006

New Listings in my Online Shop

Steamer trunk handbag - reminescent of the old travel steamer trunks from the early 20th century with reproduction vintage travel labels photocopied from my paper and stationary collection. Great use for shelf or dresser top storage for those little trinkets, loose change, etc.

Click on the link below for your chance to own this one-of-a-kind, unique, piece of art.

Edit: SOLD! Yayyyyyyy!

Cup of Joe Pincushions - red, pink, brown. Thrift store finds of plastic or melamine coffee cups from the 1960's or 1970's. They make excellent bases for pincushions. What a great gift idea for that sewing or crafty person in your life or for yourself.

Check them out here
and here

Heirloom Trinket Boxes with decoupaged images of geisha girl with fan and asian lady on a bicycle. Handpainted with acrylic paints and protected with spray gloss finish. Unique gift idea.

Go here

Sunglasses and eyeglasses cases made with fabric squares, quilted batting, serged on top, and zig-zig stitching. These were especially made with those popular big sunglasses in mind and sturdy enough to pop in your purse or glove compartment. Machine washable.

Lots to choose from here

More trinket boxes on the way!

New! Geisha and glamour girls art pendants and brooches and more also on the way!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Heirloom inspired handbag for sale in my etsy shop

Update: $18.00 with free shipping
You can carry a piece of heirloom art whereever you go!

Also, check out my Etsy shop for Cup of Joe pincushions - a pink one coming soon!

Update: Cup of Joe pincushions are now $7.00 for the pink and the brown, $8.00 for the red with free shipping.

Click on to shop

Swap-Bot's Tickled Pink ATC Swap

Busy, busy, busy, always busy - that's my excuse of not posting much. But I've been doing some crafting and a friend of mine is teaching me how to sew. Also, participated in the Tickled Pink ATC swap. Here are the pics:

Friday, July 14, 2006


These are from Risa in Ecuador. Notice the cute monkey finger puppet and handmade card. The beads are what the indigenous women wear - it's very long, can wrap around your wrist as a cuff or wear as a necklace. Some of the items were individually packaged and had a written explanation of what's inside. The piggy clothespin is too cute!

Risa asked for vintage craft supplies and such and just want to kick myself as I didn't take a picture of the stuff I sent to her because I was in hurry to mail out, so I hope she takes a picture and posts it on her blog. They were vintage fabric, trim, buttons, handmade felt item (can't remember what it was), some postcards of Denver and Colorado, and more stuff of which I can't recall. After I mailed this out, I found a felt bottlecap pincushion I made for her on the floor under my craft desk which must have dropped when I was hurriedly wrapping and packaging before the last mail pick up. So Risa if you read this, expect another small package soon.

This swap is from Tania from Portugal. I first saw the Lili & Lala stuff on Flickr that she sent to someone on another swap and since I like cute Kawaii stuff like Hello Kitty and Pucca, I asked her if we can do a personal swap. So she sent me these along with some Portuguese fabric and fat quarters. I especially like the teddy bear and strawberry dark blue fabric. I sent her some fat quarters, vintage ribbon and trim, a handmade felt bottlecap pincushion, some postcards, and more. And also like Risa, I didn't take a picture of these either as I was in a hurry to mail out and hope she posts pics on her blog, too.

Also, check out Flickr's Coloriffic Swap-o-rama swap - the colors for July are chocolate brown and baby blue. Jewel from NY, NY was my swap partner and among the stuff she sent me were beautiful turquoise and tiger eye necklace and earrings, and of course, a Dove milk chocolate candy bar. Blogger was bugging out on me so wasn't able to upload this picture but you can see the pic on the link above.

I swapped with a Chantal from the Netherlands which I also didn't take a picture of because I was trying to beat the deadline and ended up getting by the skin of my teeth on the last day (why do I always forget to take a pic of what I sent out?!*&@!) but hopefully she'll upload a picture to Flickr. Among the stuff I sent her were two handmade blue jeans pins with felt designs and ribbon and some beads and fabric. I hope she likes what I sent her.