Friday, December 09, 2005

Brrrrrr. . . . soooo c-c-c-cold h-h-h-here . . .is this the North Pole? What's up with that?!?

But today is warmer, unlike the past few days (-15, -10, -4, 0, 10, today 20). Wow! 20 degrees! A virtual heatwave ~~~~~ My fav radio station just said sunny and warmer tomorrow, high of 46 (I'm breakin' out the t-shirt and shorts). Incidentally my fav radio station here in Denver, Colorado is KUVO 89.3 - the best jazz station in the country. I just luvs my jazz! This is just not any ol' jazz - it's traditional, swing, bop, trios, big bands, vocals, Latin and free-style, you name it a potpourri of jazz. If you want to hear something a little bit different, pick up the streamer at or 89.3 FM in and around Colorado.

Anyway, just a little bit about me --- you might say I am a late bloomer concerning crafting, though I have always loved vintage fabrics, purses and bags, shoes, clothes, books and jewelry. I love collecting pottery- especially McCoy vases and Made in Mexico Tonala ceramic birds. I love Asian fabrics and designs - just discovered the art of Kanzashi found on fellow blogger - It'sYourLife - site. Check out the tutorial on craftster link about the flower pins. Also, I just purchased two of her felt mini handbags . . . . sooo cute! I also love classic movies. I am a medical transcriptionist by day and beginning craftster in my spare time. I am married with a 10-year-old son and two 25-year-old stepsons. My younger son plays the trombone in school, had to go back and get it when it was left outside the school picking up my son today - surprised it was still there -- who would have noticed a trombone in a dark green case sitting inconspicously on a bench not 10 feet from the sidewalk?!?

So what have I been crafting lately? Wellll, when I am finished with my decoupaged wooden handbags, I will post pics of them here, along with my vintage inspired felt headbands, cosmetic and eyeglass cases. Also tinkering with beaded jewelry . . . .

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nico said...

cant wait for the pics those decoupaged wooden handbags sound cool!