Saturday, December 31, 2005

Decoupaged Wood Purse and another fabric pin

I finally finished this purse. First, I lightly sanded and then painted two coats of black acrylic paint, decoupaged origami papers - bright, floral, reds and golds, pinks, purples, decorative scrapbook paper, glued gold braided trim and attached a self-made beaded handle, tied on each side to purse brackets I screwed in. I was planning on putting the handle on the top but noticed that the screws were going to go right through the top of the purse, so put them on the sides instead. Then I thought I could have done it the way I planned the first time, when I looked at similar purses at Hobby Lobby and the handles were screwed in on the top. Well, you live and learn and then get smart.

I also put three coats of Plaid Royal Coat Decoupage Finish and two to three coats of spray matte sealer - whew! the fumes! I painted the inside black and glued four stones inside to hide boo-boos. This is my first ever bag. I thought the origami paper was soooo pretty (I love Asian design!). I hope my niece likes this bag. I am practicing up for my shop and going to do a simpler designed version next time.


A closer view of the back




More front

Oh, also glued burgundy embossed felt cut out flower and leaves to the front - cut a hole in the middle of the flower, glued it down around the knob, and put one leaf on each side (to hide the glue showing through). The bag closes with an elastic band. I painted that black and sprayed a couple coats of sealer. I hope the elastic does not come off as I wracked my brain as to what else I can replace it with. Any ideas?

I also did another fabric flower pin. The print fabric has dark brown, rust, olive green stripes on a beige background and more heavier feel which reminded me of a tweed jacket and the solid fabric is light brown cotton. The button is light brownish-creamy and vintage.

Here's the front:

and the back:

Sort of winterish, cold weather like, appropriate for this time of year. Speaking of, tomorrow is just another day to me but I usually take some time to reflect back on good and not so good memories, hoping to do better in new things I've learned, and plan on things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year, think more positive. Also, another year older -- grrrrr! Talk to you all next year . . .


nico said...

hi jessica! thats an awsome first purse! its so different! i too love origami papers. it looks very neat...pretty cool its wooden! what is the wooden part, i mean did you make that? I also like how you covered the screw parts with the glass marble thingys. btw thanks for the lovely feedback on the shop. it was so special!

ps the elastic could be an actual elastic (not rubber band?) string of ribbon/leather that could wind around the button? or it could be a plain fabric/ribbon/cord loop? not sure if that would work tho.

i like all the pics. more!more!more! hehehe.

Jessica (Kika) said...

Hi Nicole,

I bought the purse unfinished. It's like an envelope type that I had to attach a handle to. The elastic band on it seems fragile; it was white that I painted black. I'm thinking of replacing it with something else - maybe a little thicker, black elastic band, the kind used for ponytails because it hooks around the knob and keeps the bag closed better. Thanks for the suggestions, Nicole!