Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another thrift store find

I bought this purse a while back because I liked the colors, embroidery and applique designs on the front:

The rest of the purse is an olive suede and vinyl. You can find inspiration almost anywhere, even in a thrift store ").

Next: Scrapbook cover for Dad, appliqued onesies for baby shower, more beaded hairsticks for my Etsy shop.


Gina said...

What a score that was!

Jessica (Kika) said...

Yep, not too bad for $1.99, huh?

Jessica (Kika) said...

I had appliqued three felt oval circles - turquoise, purple and pink with the name of the baby embroidered stitched on the top one and handstitched with embroidery thread on a cute top half of an 18-month-old skirt set - but forgot to take a picture of it as the baby shower was the same day.

Got this idea from site. A cute and easy baby shower gift.

Gina said...

WOW! And thanks for the url : )