Thursday, April 06, 2006

Unconditional Swap March 2006

Whew! Finally finished for Amanda.

Her wish was for a robot-themed craft because she was taking part in a school competition related to robots. Couldn't find any robot charms so got a car, sewing machine and thread and needle charms for a bracelet. I also could not find any robot fabric so saw this bike parts fabric and made a fabric bracelet, idea came from molly chicken's blog. She made a tutorial on this. From the same material, made a wrist cuff closed with velcro. Also, Amanda likes Bob the Builder thus the BTB embroidered patches T-shirt I ironed on. Here's the back:

I think that's a crane from BTB, a character I'm not familiar with. And I threw in extra bike parts fabric. I'm mailing them out tomorrow. I hope she likes the stuff I made for her. Starting off small with my new sewing machine.

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